Lefant 3D VR360 Headset Adjustable Strap+ Handheld Gaming Controller

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Lefant 3D VR Virtual Reality Immersive IMAX 360 View Headset Adjustable Strap + Handheld Gaming Controller Blue color

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Lefant brings to you their latest VR glasses that just lets you play with smartphone in virtual reality. More than 300 Virtual Reality apps in Google Play store and Apple App store and numerous more getting added daily, just search for VR and you will find the games and apps. Just download "VR games" apps &"3D split screen" videos to your smartphone to enjoy immersive, fun and exciting world of VR by Lefant VR Headset in cost-effective easy way. 

Lefant VR lenses do not harm your eyes with their special coated glasses. FOV is 90 degree, bigger fov is harmful for eyes as its distance is too close, and will get dizzy after minutes, Lefant spend many time to test the better distance for watching 3D movie or play game healthly. Our lenses have reasonable focal length, so no optical lenses adjustment is needed. 

The package also includes a Multi-functional Bluetooth Remote, which can not only interact with your smartphone easily and smoothly without taking it out and back, but it can also be used as air mouse for TV box and Laptop, PPT etc 

Humanized Design 
1.Designed with adjustable strap, you can adjust it to the most comfortable size. 
2.Lefant uses a magnetic clasp to keep the lid closed , which feels nice to open and close and is quite secure. It also include additional thiner holding phone foam pad, for more thicker phones,like: Note 2 3,and smartphones with case. 
3.Lefant®3D VR Headset Derives from Google Cardboard and its more well-shaped with Non-toxic environmental materials, also with security breathable foam to protect you from the machine.

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