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First What is unppar.com?

A registered company with all the necessary licenses to assist in your growth activity, The main administrative headquarters in Egypt - Alexandria, No 2 Ibrahim Raji Bolkly St., and the logistics warehouse located in El Bitash El Agami, in preparation for transporting to Borg El Arab Industrial Zone.

unppar.com Company started its activity in 2012 on behalf of souq&offer.com and then changed the trade name in 2015 to become unppar.com with a global slogan is the market in your hands, The trademarked logo symbolizes the amber whale, With 3 points symbolizing purchasing power - Amber whale circulates around the world twice every year to visit all continents As the material extracted from it amber is one of the rarest and most expensive raw materials on earth - In 2017, the second and latest version of the site and application for mobile devices was issued and is currently working on continuous development in preparation for the launch of the third version in 2019.


Advantages of unppar.com seller account:

  • The only site that allows your products to sell worldwide without any administrative or customs fees.
  • Open a store account is completely free, and you can add an infinite number of products with all the pictures and exact details, as well as services and business.
  • Establish a store with all the details and photos about your company, products or brand.
  • Equal opportunities for all suppliers to appear to the buyer either on the site or through different search engines.
  • The only website where you can add your products through social networking sites such as Facebook and through commercial search engines such as "Google Trader or Google Merchant" and through international trading sites such as "Amazon".
  • The only company / website that provides free logistics service in any area of your products and the freedom of shipping through different shipping providers whenever you like.
  • unppar.com has multiple ways to accept secure payment, which ensures easy and secure purchase.
  • The only company that bears the cost of shipping, returns, replacement, customs fees and other expenses.
  • Flexibility and ease in adding or modifying your products freely.
  • A mobile application that makes it easy for you to follow up your purchase orders and financial accounts and analyze your sales.
  • Automatically add products to the site, application and all search engines.
  • The only website that assigns you a special account manager to handle all your inquiries and help you to promote your sales and organization of product marketing.
  • The only website that provides 24-hour customer service throughout the week, holidays and official holidays that respond to the questions of customers and the expected buyer of your products in all its specifications.
  • The only website that allows service companies to join the integration required for customer satisfaction is the policy of unppar.com in establishing a long-term relationship of respect among customers.
  • The only website that will be billed twice a month for all deliveries that have been received, giving you the financial liquidity required to run your business.
  • Participation in exhibitions, conferences and training sessions free of charge.

unppar.com offers you buyer and customer from different markets in your hands on mobile application that makes it easier for you to view, market and sell your product / brand.


How do I start with you?

  1. Log in / Register a new account using your company data.
  2. Enter my account and in this section you will find a section asking to open a supplier account or establish your store.
  3. Enter your company / brand data.
  4. A supplier accountant will contact you to complete your data and papers.
  5. Congratulations You can establish and add your products.

You can also contact Supplier Relationship Management via:


What qualifications are required to accept me as a resource in unppar.com "supply policy"?

  • To be a company registered in the Commercial Register and tax card - For small industries can register through one of the associations qualified to care for small industries, where we ensure the quality and commitment - and all necessary licenses related to your activity.
  • Your product / services must meet European quality standards and standards - if they are not qualified we will help you to qualify for free - and you must have an accurate description of the quality and quality standards of each product in all its descriptions.
  • If your product is a well-known trademark, you must have all the necessary papers that prove the trademark's power of attorney or that you are the manufacturer of the product.

You can contact the supplier relations department for any / more inquiries.

unppar.com Management